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  • Faster Customer Support resolution
  • Organization wide knowledge
  • Semantically search through all your data
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Go beyond ChatGPT

End-to-End Data Security

Our tailored architecture plan ensures that all your sensitive data never leaves your organisation

Supercharge Your

Combining Generative AI with AI Agents allows us to build chatbots that can automate time consuming manual processes with intelligence

Cost Effective

Unlike subscription services, our implementation only comes with a one-time fee.
This allows you to own your chatbot and actually gain value out of the implementation.

Our Customer Stories

AutoKT Query Engine

Drudging through stale documentation to get answers for developers onboarding on a project is a big time drain for tech businesses.
AutoKT solves this problem by automatically generating and updating documentation for any repo added to the platform.

But this still leaves the problem of searching through documentation to get answers and the documentation does not always answer questions specifically.

That’s where we came in and implemented the Query engine for AutoKT:

  • Semantically search through the documentation to get relevant information to answer the user’s query
  • Using state of the art LLM models to intelligently answer the user’s query with the help of meaningful context
  • Ability to ask a question to the other members in the team anonymously and once the question is answered by a team member that question is added to the knowledgebase of the Query engine
  • Making sure that no code is stored by the Query engine

Accounting Copilot

Accounting Copilot is a complete automation solution for Invoicing.

This specific implementation is for email based Purchase order and Invoicing that earlier had to be manually entered into an excel sheet and tallied.

This solution is implemented to work with the existing process instead of changing it.

The Workflow for this Copilot is:

  • The Buyer sends a purchase order via email as a PDF. Our Automation is automatically triggered when the email is sent and it processes the invoice using Document Intelligence and adds its entry to the excel sheet.
  • Whenever an email is received consisting an Invoice as a PDF our automation will process it and at it to the excel sheet.
  • Whenever a new invoice is added, its items are tallied with the matching purchase order.
  • If the items are consistent then the invoice is approved otherwise the Accounting copilot sends a notification to the user on Teams from where they can examine the mismatch

Bunnings Assistant

This use case addresses a user facing role.

One of the most obvious yet under utilized use case is the Customer support chatbot.

  • As seen on the demo with our solution your chatbot is aware of your entire website
  • It can be extended to also include pdf handbooks, already resolved tickets etc.
  • This helps you achieve faster customer query resolution.

Our Industry Partners

What our Customers are saying

Since we deal with extremely sensitive data (codebases) security was a big concern. Their Software Architect expert sat with us and drew up a plan that was scalable and made sure the data didn't move out of the customer's tenant.

AdityaChief Information Officer

We are an Azure based organization and we were looking for experts that can work with the existing tooling of Azure.
The Blue Owls have exceeded our expectations with their Azure Certified Experts taking care of the project from beginning to end.
After delivery support, which is generally where companies lack in our experience was one of the best.

SteveVP of Engineering

As a High Frequency Trading firm we were struggling to set up our data pipelines due to the frequency and volume of our data.
The Blue Owls helped us set up our data foundations and mature our data engineering framework.

Alpha Masons Capital

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