Harness the Power of Data and AI

From Generative AI powered applications to building your LLMs
we provide you solutions that give you an edge
  • Intelligent Applications
  • Data Engineering
  • AI and ML Implementation

Value First, Outcome Based Solutions

We deliver transformative Artificial Intelligence offerings that help customers harness the power of innovation by creating new ways of connecting people, data and processes.

Why The Blue Owls?

Domain Experts

From building scalable products to implementing a data engineering lifecycle we bring a wealth of experience

Prove Value Fast with Agile!

We are big believers in feedback loops.
With Agile processes we make sure we move fast and iterate faster

Industry Certified

Our team has certifications including Azure ML, Data Engineering, Power BI, Power Automate etc.

Data Engineering and Analytics

We help you develop apps to deliver digital services and technology.

End to End ML/AI Solutions

We help you leverage Machine Learning and Large Language Models (LLMs) fostering innovation and delivering better business outcomes

Intelligent Software Development

We help you develop data apps to deliver digital business insights and intelligent work flows.

We help you build and scale new digital capabilities

We focus on aligning business strategy with data foundations. We develop pragmatic data strategies and solutions supporting your business goals.
  • Ex Microsoft Data and AI experts
  • Proof Of Value (POV) based implementation
  • 20+ years of strategy development for major organisations
  • Capability Building from scratch
Our Services

We provide processes to ensure the solutions deliver measurable business value.

  • 1

    The first step involves understanding your business and developing a data strategy.

  • 2

    Develop a pragmatic data architecture based on data strategy.

  • 3

    Implement initiatives iteratively monitoring delivery against target business value.

  • 4
    Continuous Improvement

    Get the right support to continuously improve your data infrastructure and solutions.


Execute data strategies that drive business growth

We develop innovative strategies and solutions that help you make the most of your data investments to drive competitive advantage.
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Optimizing data infrastructure to improve performance

We develop strategic architecture providing foundational data infrastructure to build innovative AI-driven solutions
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Your dedicated & managed Machine Learning infrastructure

We help you deploy your Machine Learning (ML) models and Large Language Models (LLMs) to production securely and efficiently. Build a robust MLOps capability.
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We support you on every step of your journey to a data driven company

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